Granite Terrace


Granite Terrace consists of two buildings and serves three uses – market rental housing, retail space and office space. These residences have a combination of one, two and three bedroom apartments and live/work townhouses. There are a total of 77 units that occupy the top three storeys above the supermarket. The project boasts a number of pioneering sustainability features. Heat generated by refrigeration and freezer units in the grocery store is used for heating domestic hot water for the residences above, and for the apartments in a neighbouring mixed-use building. This results in significant energy savings and reduced GHG emissions due to re-use of the “waste” heat. The commercial portion of this project is comprised of two buildings. The main building is a four storey building with a 33,664 square foot supermarket at grade and 77 residential units occupy the upper 3 floors. The second building is a three storey building with 4,107 square feet of retail space at grade which is home to the Royal Bank and office use on the second and third floors. Tenants for this building include a property management office and new offices for the University. The site also includes surface parking to the south of the supermarket building that is extensively landscaped. There is additional parking for both commercial and residential use below ground.