Flu vaccines at your friendly neighbourhood pharmacies + clinic


Flu season is upon
us, and make no mistake: it’s serious business and is especially important this year. This common respiratory illness
can spread quickly and easily, and is especially dangerous for the very old and
the very young. Here in Canada, flu season
usually runs from November to April. By far the best way to protect yourself
(and others!) from the flu is to be vaccinated.  

Wesbrook Village is home to a number of pharmacies and a clinic which are an ideal place to get your vaccines. If you are looking to book an appointment for a vaccine or have any questions about the flu vaccines, the pros at Wesbrook Village will be more than happy to help you. 

Pharmachoice Wesbrook
3317 Wesbrook Mall
(604) 800-0223

Shoppers Drug Mart Wesbrook
5968 Webber Lane
(604) 224-3086

Save On Foods
5945 Berton Avenue
(604) 221-5152

University Village Medical and Dental Clinic
5933 Birney Avenue
(604) 222-2273 (ext. 1)