English Corner Volunteers



English Corner is a fun space where anyone in the community can come to sit for a chat on Friday afternoons! It's a free get together where bonds with those who attend can be created and sustained. There's no pressures of a formal, structured, English course, so come by the Welcome Centre and make a new friend while practicing your English!

Are you an adult who has free time, loves to make friends, and is a conversationalist? Look no further! English Corner is looking for a facilitator to help give back to the locals in our community. ANYONE interested is welcome to come to the training session! No experience necessary.  

Time: 1:00PM
Date: Wednesday, February 1, 2017
Contact: Anisa Newman-Azar - 778-988-4439

Please RSVP to anisa@post.harvard.edu
-- if you cannot make it or if you would like to be informed of other upcoming
training sessions.

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