Campus Chiropractic


The chiropractors at Campus Chiropractic specializes in locating spinal bones which are stuck out of position or which have abnormal motion. This may result in stretching, rubbing or chafing a nerve, which feels like a “pinched nerve”. These “subluxations” can interfere with nerve messages between the brain and the body, producing unhealthy changes to affect muscles, joints and possibly organs. Dr. Rozina and her team work on removing these interferences and the normalize your nervous system function so that your body can heal itself.

Visit Dr. Rozina Budhwani, Dr. Danielle Mckinney, and Dr. Erin Mallioux at their modern office located on the second floor of the Village Square building, across the street from The Wesbrook Community Centre and make an appointment today!

Location: 5958 Webber Ln #4, Vancouver, BC V6S 0J9
(604) 336-9213
Hours of Operation:  Monday (2:30pm-6pm), Tuesday (9:15am-6pm), Wednesday (3pm-7pm), Thursday (9:15am-5:30pm), Friday & Sunday (Closed), Saturday (8:30am-3pm)

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